The welfare of the canine and equine athletes is at the forefront of every activity in the racing community. At Racing and Wagering Western Australia, we are committed to quality care for animals throughout their lives.

There are a range of resources available to support the racing sector and keep everyone up to date with policies, programs and initiatives.

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Policies and guidelines

Racing is subject to strict governance and integrity measures across the state. There is a dedicated team working to safeguard the wellbeing of the equine and canine athletes of this sport.



Enforcement of rules


Stewards are the police of the racing sector and have the power to strictly enforce the Rules of Racing, both on and off the track. Stewards’ powers as prescribed within the RWWA Act 2003, are more extensive than those provided to the police, and include the power to compel people to give evidence, admit entry and answer questions.

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Health and welfare support

The racing community actively strives to limit the risk of any injury to racing animals, as this is an outcome that everyone wishes to avoid.

In the event a racing animal does sustain an injury, there are multiple support schemes in place to ensure the animals receive the appropriate care. This includes financial support provided to the owner/trainer to assist with veterinarian costs.

Available initiatives include:

Greyhound Injury Surgery and Rehabilitation Rebate

Under the Greyhound Surgery Rebate scheme, if a greyhound sustains an injury on the track and meets the eligibility requirements, RWWA will offer a financial contribution to the trainer and owner for costs of veterinary treatment.

Greyhound Injury Full Recovery

Under the Greyhound Injury Full Recovery Scheme, a trainer/owner may transfer custody of a greyhound to RWWA in the event of serious injury and the cost of both veterinary treatment and post-operative care is paid through greyhound racing funding.

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Rebate

Under the Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Rebate, RWWA refunds up to half the cost for owners using advanced imaging to monitor health and soundness of racehorses.

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The Murdoch University partnership for health scans

An advanced veterinary imaging centre at Murdoch University will help Western Australian horses stay fit and healthy.

RWWA has partnered with The Animal Hospital at Murdoch University (TAHMU) to bring standing CT and MRI to the horse community, including subsidised scans for thoroughbred and standardbred racehorses.

The equine-specific CT was chosen as it provides the highest quality images, best scanning flexibility and has dedicated support services available across Australia.

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Thoroughbred Aftercare Welfare Working Group – Report

RWWA — the State-appointed regulator of racing — welcomes a report examining thoroughbred horse welfare across Australia. 

The Thoroughbred Aftercare Welfare Working Group’s (TAWWG) report, an industry group including breeders, trainers, jockeys, and owners, consulted industry and other stakeholders about the effectiveness of welfare arrangements. 

 It made several recommendations related to national standards for thoroughbred horse welfare. 

Horse standards and guidelines – The Department of Industry and Regional Development (DPIRD)

RWWA has been working with the DPIRD on developing standards and guidelines for the health and welfare of all horses – not just thoroughbred horses.

Further information on these standards and guidelines will be available in the near future.

Programs and Initiatives

Greyhounds as Pets WA (GAP)

GAP’s mission is to promote, encourage and facilitate greyhound pet ownership to the wider community through the provision of safe, healthy greyhounds to homes throughout Western Australia.

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Off the Track WA Retraining Program

Off the Track WA (OTT WA) Retraining Program supports and promotes retired racehorses in their second careers as companion, pleasure or performance horses.

The OTT WA Estate is a multipurpose racehorse welfare facility, which helps facilitate the retraining and rehoming of racehorses through the program. The Estate will also ensure sufficient space is available at all times for any emergency welfare cases, should they arise.

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