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01 July 2015

Weekly greyhound News

DEFINITION OF A LENGTHInterested parties should note that the definition of a length margin in greyhound racing (as defined in the Rules of Greyhound Racing) changes from 0.063 seconds to 0.07 seconds effective today.All race results for meetings p... more »

24 June 2015

Weekly Greyhound News

RACING CALENDAR AMENDMENT The racing calendar for July 2015 has been amended following the closure of Cannington after the meeting this Saturday. Wednesday meetings on 1, 8, 15, 22 &amp 29 July have been t... more »

22 June 2015

Weekly Greyhound News

LAST HURRAH JUNE 27 STAKES BONUSDo you want to be racing a greyhound at the last meeting on the old track at Cannington?  Greyhounds WA and RWWA certainly hope so and wish to see 12 full races on the card for the last meeting.Significant stak... more »


Stewards' Inquiries

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29 May 2015

Greyhounds – Stewards Inquiry – Mr Anthony Glenny

RWWA Stewards have completed their deliberations and determined the matters of penalty in respect of the pleas of guilt to the charges previously issued against trainer Mr Anthony Glenny at the inquiry conducted on 18 May 2015 more »

18 May 2015

Greyhounds - Stewards Inquiry - Mr Anthony Glenny

RWWA Stewards today inquired into the report received from Chief Steward Mr Carlos Martins and RWWA Principal Investigator Mr Phil O’Reilly alleging that trainer Mr Anthony Glenny had refused or failed to give evidence in relation to an... more »

07 May 2015

Greyhounds - Stewards Inquiry - Mr Anthony Glenny

On Sunday 3 May 2015, the RWWA Stewards and Principal Investigator as part of regular operations conducted surveillance of the training establishment of Greyhound Trainer, Mr Anthony Glenny which included a thorough inspection of the property and..... more »