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Any incident should be reported to club officials and details recorded including names and contact details of witnesses and any other information that may be relevant should a claim be made against the club. All claims should be forwarded to the RWWA Insurance Officer.

The following insurance cover needs to be arranged by individual clubs:

Club Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation is required for employees of the club.

All clubs who employ staff are required to take out a policy for workers compensation, even if the employee is paid a minimal wage.  A policy is required to be in place and a group certificate should be issued to the employee.

It is now a RWWA requirement to provide a copy of the workers compensation policy upon renewal of registration.

Any queries on obtaining cover can be directed to the RWWA Insurance Officer.

Harness Club Public Liability

To indemnify nominated clubs, training and trialling tracks against personal injury or property damage claims made against them by third parties resulting from an incident occurring in connection with their harness racing business activities.

Policy details - This was taken over by RWWA to help clubs with the increasing cost of premiums and to ensure each club had adequate coverage. The premium is paid up front by RWWA and is recouped from clubs based on the category of the club and number of meetings.

This is a national liability scheme and was implemented by the Australian Harness Racing Council (AHRC) for the harness racing industry and its participants.

Details of the National Risk Protection Program can be found at and follow the link under National Insurance Schemes.

Volunteer Workers Personal Accident

This policy provides weekly injury and capital benefits to authorised volunteers of affiliated or member clubs of the harness industry including mini trotting volunteers.

Policy details - This cover is paid by RWWA and provides volunteer workers for death, disablement and weekly benefits cover in the event of an injury whilst on official club business, including direct travel to and from work authorised by the club.

For detailed information, please select from the following options for:

Member Clubs

For detailed information please contact RWWA's Insurance Officer.

Mini Trotting Clubs

Please refer to the HRA links above for full details of volunteer personal accident for mini trotting clubs.

Travel Insurance

This policy will provide cover for intrastate / interstate and overseas travel from time left home until return home, in regard to injury and personal effects.

Policy details - This cover is paid by RWWA and provides cover for employees and authorised volunteers of clubs including accompanying spouses and dependant children, whilst on official club business. For detailed information, please select from the following options for:

For detailed information please contact RWWA's Insurance Officer.

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