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Thoroughbred Consultative Group

Following the establishment of Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA) in August 2003, the RWWA Act required the Board to establish procedures for consulting with prescribed racing bodies – clubs / association of clubs and other organisations that have an interest in the racing industry (industry associations).

The RWWA Board determined that the most appropriate process would be the formation of code specific Consultative Groups for greyhound, harness and thoroughbred racing.

The compositions of the Consultative Groups include nominated representatives of the racing clubs, industry associations and industry participant groups.

In relation to the specific consultation process for thoroughbred racing, the Thoroughbred Racing Consultative Group (TRCG) comprises representation as follows:

Representation Thoroughbred Racing Consultative Group (TRCG)

  • RWWA Nominated Director (Chair) 
  • RWWA CEO (Alt. Chair) 
  • RWWA General Manager Racing 
  • RWWA General Manager Racing Integrity 
  • RWWA Manager Thoroughbred Racing 
  • RWWA Manager Race Club Development
  • Metro – 2 nominees from Perth Racing (WATC) + CEO ex-officio 
  • Provincial – 1 nominee from the Western Australian Provincial Thoroughbred Racing Association 
  • Country – 1 nominee from the Country Racing Association 
  • Owners – 1 nominee from the Western Australian Racehorse Owners' Association 
  • Breeders – 1 nominee from Thoroughbred Breeders Western Australia (WABBA) 
  • Trainers – 1 nominee from the Western Australian Racing Trainers' Association 
  • Jockeys – 1 nominee from the Western Australian Jockeys' Association 
  • Bookmakers – 1 nominee from the Western Australian Bookmakers' Association 

In relation to the TRCG, representation is based on the principle that the industry participant nominee, whilst being a nominee of a prescribed body, should also be representative of all participants of that specific category group within the State.

Importantly, the formation of Consultative Groups does not prevent any other individual, organisation or party associated with thoroughbred racing contacting RWWA nor does it prevent RWWA from requesting discussion outside of the nominated group.

The following Terms of Reference apply to the TRCG from 1 January 2008: 

  • A person is ineligible to be nominated as a representative if he/she holds official office of more than one prescribed body, unless the Chairman applies his/her discretionary powers to allow such representative in certain circumstances, however such person must solely represent one particular Eligible body.
  • Nominees shall hold the position of representative unless the nominating body/bodies, in writing to RWWA, determines otherwise. 
  • RWWA may, at any time, co-opt a person/s to attend meetings of a specific Consultative Group. 
  • Any member or representative under disqualification, suspension, stood down or subject to inquiry must abstain from attending. (NB: Unless the suspension emanates from a race riding/driving offence from a specific race for a period no greater than 2-months).

Nominees to the TRCG are required to:

  • Consult with Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA) in the formation of policies and strategies for the further development of the racing industry in Western Australia; 
  • Consult with the ongoing review of the rules of racing with the objective of ensuring that racing in WA is conducted in accordance with national and international practices; 
  • Consult with RWWA on issues affecting the general well-being of the racing industry in Western Australia; 
  • Nominate representatives for special industry task forces; 
  • Participate with RWWA in the promotion and education of racing to the WA public. 

The following rules apply to meetings of TRCG:

  • Appointment as a Consultative Group member is honorary, subject to distance/accommodation expense reimbursement in certain circumstances; 
  • Meetings will be held quarterly or as required on a mutually agreed date; 
  • Emergency meetings of the Consultative Committee can be called by RWWA at short notice. These meetings may be held in conjunction with the other Code Consultative Groups; 
  • Meetings will be conducted in a structured, formal and serious manner; 
  • Duration of meetings will generally be restricted to approximately 2 hours; 
  • Notice of Meetings and requests for Agenda items to be forwarded to members 6 weeks in advance of meeting; 
  • Preliminary Agenda and available papers to be issued 4 weeks prior to meeting, with Final Agenda and papers issued 2 weeks prior to meeting; 
  • General operational issues will only be considered by the Consultative Group after the item/s has/have been discussed with management and there has been adequate time for response; 
  • The meeting will be chaired by the RWWA industry nominee or alternate; 
  • The chairperson will only allow discussion of an item that has not been tabled on the agenda where there are extenuating circumstances; 
  • The secretariat will be provided by the RWWA Code Manager; and
  • Minutes will be forwarded to members within 10 working days of the meeting. 

The TRCG does not have any power to act on behalf of RWWA.



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