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Retrainers specialise in re-educating retired racehorses for equestrian purposes.

If you're a current racehorse owner wanting to have your horse retrained and placed in an equestrian home or if you're an equestrian rider looking to obtain a quality retired racehorse please contact a retrainer in your area.

Are you involved in the retraining of racehorses for equestrian pursuits? If so, your details can be included in a list of acknowledged Retrainers on Racing and Wagering WA’s Off the Track website. Retrainers operate independently to Racing and Wagering WA and the Off the Track program.

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Retraining Services Contact Description
Nadia Bishop or

0416 535 456

A passion for horses as a young girl led Nadia to working in the Thoroughbred racing industry and competing successfully as a jockey for 5 years.  Now with her own stable and working with both Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds Nadia is continually retraining and rehoming retired racehorses from each code.  Nadia says “I strongly believe the racing industry has a responsibility to ensure that retired racehorses who are sound and of suitable temperament are rehomed as equestrian horses.” 

Linda Brenzi or

0414 749 370

Professional equestrian rider and Clerk of the Course, experienced in retraining and rehoming racehorses for various disciplines.

Alan Campbell

Herne Hill or

0418 953 472

Professional horse educator with a wealth of experience, specialises in retraining Thoroughbreds for Eventing.

Michael Dagostino or

0418 906 277

Experienced Horseman specialising in the retraining  of racehorses for eventing.  Michael has a strong preference and affinity for Thoroughbreds as performance horses, due to his family's long involvement in the racing industry.  Michael has had a lot of success with the retraining of Thoroughbreds including winning Eventing in the Park 2015 and the Wooroloo 3 day Event 2 Star 2014.

Glenys Davies

0419 930 717

An active competitor in the discipline of Eventing and successful racehorse trainer, Glenys also specialises in furthering the education of retired racehorses for success in post racing careers. Warm, friendly and very knowledgeable, Glenys is an asset to the equestrian and racing fraternities and has the ability to assess each horse’s individual strengths & needs and provide honest feedback and opinions.

Alex Edwards

Oakford or

0447 766 338

Specialises in retraining retired racehorses for various disciplines. Also available for lessons.

Tammy Horn-Walker


 0415 495 901


Competent horsewoman who specialises in the retraining and re-homing of Standardbred racehorses. Available for advice over the phone only.

Jade Proctor or

0439 931 700


Professional equestrian rider and Clerk of the Course, experienced in retraining and rehoming racehorses for various disciplines.

Suzanne Roberts

Capel or

0409 296 505

NCAS coach and a Skills Specific Trainer & Assessor (2011) with Equestrian Federation Australia.  Experienced in training Thoroughbreds off the track in eventing, show jumping and saddle horse, to the highest levels.

Sophie Warren

Herne Hill


An Australian Respresentative, FEI Dressage and Three Star Eventing competitor.  Sophie is well known for her focus, professionalism and talent.  She has as a strong affinity with the Thoroughbred horse and has built much of her career training horses off the track.


Retraining process

The racehorse owner or trainer contacts an Off the Track acknowledged retrainer.

  • The retrainer assesses the racehorse

  • If the horse is deemed suitable for retraining and rehoming the retrainer accepts the horse for training and resale

  • The racehorse is retrained

  • The retrained horse is sold to a suitable equestrian home

Retrainer responsibilities

  • Retrainers and rehoming services work independently of RWWA's Off the Track program. The retrainer is to ensure that the horse's welfare remains a priority and it is up to each individual retrainer as to the arrangements and conditions they wish to put in place when taking a horse to retrain and sell.

  • Racing and Wagering Western Australia and Off the Track has no direct involvement in the retraining or rehoming of horses and is not responsible for any action or activity undertaken by a retrainer or rehoming service. Racing and Wagering Western Australia accepts no responsibility whatsoever and will not be held liable for any claims for loss or damage that is alleged to have resulted from the activities of a retrainer in the retraining of a horse or related activity.

RWWA Acknowledged Retrainers

To become a Racing and Wagering Western Australia Acknowledged Retrainer you must have:

  • Experience and knowledge in the field of retraining and rehoming retired racehorses

  • Appropriate property and facilities as acknowledged by Racing and Wagering Western Australia

If you are a retrainer wanting to be promoted on our website please contact

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