RWWA Executive Team

Richard Burt: Chief Executive Officer

Appointed in Role - September 2007

As the Chief Executive Officer of Racing & Wagering, Richard Burt is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the business and implementing the organisation's strategic plan. Each year the Board and Executive review and agree the strategic direction for the TAB and three codes of equine and greyhound racing. This process requires execution of highly effective commercial strategies to ensure RWWA can deliver on its Purpose, that is, "to provide a positive sustainable future to the Western Australian Racing Industry".

Prof John Yovich AM: General Manager Racing

Appointed in Role - June 2015

Contact Number: 08 9445 5540

Racing Division

John leads RWWA's Racing division, which is responsible for all racing operations across the state. This includes fixture planning, racing systems and information maintenance, handicapping and grading, programming, stakes supervision, funding distribution modelling, industry communications, racing operations and strategy, industry consultation, club support and advice, racing industry development, control of industry training venues and participant training, major event support, as well as the management and negotiation of SKY and club vision and services, together with the overall strategic direction of the racing industry in Western Australia.

Julian Hilton-Barber: General Manager Finance & Business Services

Appointed in Role - August 2003

Contact Number: 08 9445 5125

Finance & Business Services Division

Julian leads the team responsible for the financial management of RWWA. His team also undertakes work in risk and business continuity systems, wagering compliance, audit and legal matters, the administration of licensing and registration of racing participants/animals and business intelligence functions. The division includes a broad range of management and operational roles including Financial Controller, Manager Financial Operations, Procurement Manager, Manager Compliance and Legal, Manager Business Intelligence and Manager Risk & Audit.

Denis Borovica: General Manager Racing Integrity

Appointed in Role - February 2012

Contact Number: 08 9445 5427

Racing Integrity Division

Denis' Racing Integrity team comprises of Stewards from all three codes, racecourse investigators, RWWA's Veterinary officer and race day operational staff, operating out of the offices adjacent to the Ascot racecourse in Perth. The proper conduct and integrity of racing activities are a core responsibility of RWWA. The racing industry relies on the public's support through wagering on the outcome of races and critical to that is maintaining confidence within the sport. The Racing Integrity Division, led by Denis ensures the integrity and fairness of the racing industry to build confidence and support of the public and participants in the industry. This incorporates assurance administration processes including the licensing and registration of participants and animals, hearings and appeals, Rules of Racing, RWWA and racecourse investigations.

Mike Saunders: General Manager Wagering

Appointed in role - October 2012

Contact Number: 08 9445 5167

Wagering Division

Mike and his team oversee the management of RWWA's wagering and the associated retail support services and marketing functions. The Wagering Division has a strong emphasis on the planning and development of the physical TAB retail network with a goal to maximise sales and ensure return on investment. Retail is RWWA's competitive advantage in WA and the core principles of continuous improvement and "retail people" development underpin RWWA's ability to maintain that advantage. Mike’s team is investing considerably in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and integrating communications into the Social Media space to further leverage our brand and support the overall wagering strategy. The responsibility of our call centre and customer services area also sits under this Division.

Mike Saunders

Matthew Thomas: General Manager Human Resources

Appointed in Role - August 2013

Contact Number: 08 9445 5521

Human Resources Division

Matt oversees RWWA's Human Resources division, which is responsible for the development and implementation of human resource management strategy and the provision of HR consultancy and advice to managers for all workplace development and employee relations functions across the organisation. In addition, the delivery of Payroll services and the management of staff data and reporting as well as learning & development for TAB agents and the organisation sit within this division. The corporate social responsibility and government strategy and relations functions will also be overseen by Matt.

Scott McDowell: Executive Manager Commercial

Appointed in Role - January 2014

Contact Number: 08 9445 5296

Commercial Team

Scott and the Commercial team are focused on identifying and addressing a number of strategic issues facing the organisation. The team is responsible for assisting the CEO in developing RWWA’s long term racing and wagering strategies and providing advice on potential strategies that will ensure the achievement of the organisation’s corporate vision and strategy. The team also undertakes evaluation of; strategic alliances with major wagering and racing organisations, major wagering projects and revenue generating initiatives. In addition, the team is developing and protecting innovative wagering concepts to position RWWA as a market leader in the wagering market and create a significant point of difference from competitors.

Melanie Sinton: General Manager Information Services

Appointed in Role - February 2014

Contact Number: 08 9445 5331

Information Services Division

Melanie and her Information Services team are responsible for RUN, GROW and TRANSFORM, focusing on the Business Value of IT investments and “portfolio-based thinking”. This is achieved by maintaining the strategic oversight and direction and technical innovation to help RWWA respond with agility on all information service requirements for RWWA. The team does this in conjunction with providing all the day-to-day operational infrastructure and services for the delivery of on-line betting to customers. The division is also responsible for delivery of technical support and maintenance for all information systems, betting/information terminals, data communications networks, information security, project delivery, and TABradio.

Mel Sinton

Charlotte Mills - Executive Manager Racing Marketing & Communications

Appointed in Role - February 2015


Racing Marketing & Communications Division

Charlotte oversees RWWA’s Racing Marketing & Communications Division which comprises of the racing marketing, corporate communications and TABradio teams. This division will be responsible for managing corporate communications, promoting wagering through our media assets and developing and implementing racing marketing plans aimed at increasing on course attendance, animal ownership and repositioning the brand of racing, which will require strong stakeholder engagement across the racing industry.