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Administration Careers

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The racing industry provides a range of different career pathways for those who are looking for a role in the administration of racing. 

Below is a list of the types of positions available within racing administration.

For more information contact:

Racing Industry Training
Phone: (08) 9445 5483


Stewards oversee the integrity of the racing industry. They are responsible for ensuring that all rules and policies of racing are adhered to and are often referred to as the ‘police’ of the industry. Attention to detail and ability to make decisions, along with knowledge of the industry is required for this type of position. On the job training is also provided.

Racing Administrator

Racing administrators are responsible for overseeing all administrative functions within either a race club of racing authority (i.e. RWWA). This type of position is often referred to as CEO, General Manager or Race Club Manager. The type of individual required for these types of positions, generally has a strong business background as well as in-depth knowledge of the racing industry.

Licensing & Registration

Licensing and registration personnel are required to handle all administration duties of a racing governing body relating to the licensing or registration of racing participants and animals.

Jockey Manager

A jockey manager acts as a booking agent for a jockey. They assist jockeys in securing rides through their excellent communication skills.

Handicappers / Graders

In thoroughbred racing handicappers are responsible for setting the weight a horse should carry in a race. Harness racing also has handicappers, however, horses are grouped together based on class and generally horses are given a preference as to which barrier they draw.
The greyhound racing industry have graders who similarly to harness racing, group greyhounds together in races based on their performance or grade.
Handicappers and graders ensure racing is delivered at a competitive level with the purpose of equalising the chances of winning for each competitor.
Part of these roles also include race programming, which includes scheduling races as well as taking requests from clubs and determining race classes, form and distances. 
There are qualifications that can assist with these types of positions, however, they are not currently offered in WA. Qualifications include:
  • Certificate IV in Racing Services (Racing Administration)
For more information on courses visit Department of Education and Training’s website.

General Administration

There are also many other general administrative type roles, such as:
  • Administration
  • Customer Service
  • Finance
  • Executive Assistant
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Human Resource
  • IT Opportunities
For further information regarding racing administration job opportunities please contact:
RWWA – Human Resources
Phone: (08) 94455544

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