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Organisational Values & Culture


RWWA is a values driven organisation.  Our core values and supporting behaviours are not just a poster on the wall. We use these core values to guide our behaviour and living our values every day is the responsibility of everyone within RWWA.

RWWA has five core values, each with its own supporting behaviours – enthusiasm & pride, achievement, 'real'ationships, team play and honesty.   These behaviours underpin all of our interactions, both externally and internally. 

The importance we attach to not just ‘what we do’, but also ‘how we do it’, is reflected in our recruitment process where we assess candidates for their professional expertise and, more importantly for their cultural fit reflected by their alignment with our core values i.e. people who demonstrate a high level of honesty and integrity, are passionate, enthusiastic, committed to delivering the best results for our customers and stakeholders and who understand the importance of building great relationships and working in unison. 

We keep our culture and values front of mind by incorporating them into everything we do.  Some of our initiatives include:

  • A half day culture and values induction workshop
  • Development & Planning Agreements that connect our organisational objectives, values and behaviours, with individual achievement and development. This is a two-way agreement between a team member and manager, with a strong focus on “how” as well as “what” is achieved. 
  • Career development is a joint responsibility between RWWA and the employee. We provide opportunities for internal transfers and promotions, and training and development focussed on individual needs. 
  • Workshops and learning groups for all employees focussed on building skills and understanding individual behavioural styles.
  • Twice yearly staff briefing sessions to ensure employees understand the direction RWWA is headed and how they contribute to our success.
  • A leadership development program that ensures our leaders “walk the talk” and are regularly upskilled to be the best they can be.

Purpose and Vision

Our Clear Line of Sight connects the challenges RWWA faces with the key strategies and priorities we are currently implementing to ensure we deliver on our Purpose and recognising the importance of the contribution we each make to achieving our Vision by living our values every day.  This is not intended to cover everything we do or all the issues we are thinking about but to provide a guide for all employees of our focus over the next 1-2 years. 

TWO Passions, ONE Vision - our clear line of sight

Our Strategic Challenges

RWWA faces considerable challenges in the form of the efficiency of the racing model, intense competition from corporate bookmakers, the profitability of our product mix, the quality of our core racing product, participation in the industry, securing increased levels of support from the government and public perception around animal welfare issues, responsible wagering and integrity.

Our Purpose

To provide a positive sustainable future for the WA Racing Industry

Our Vision

Making our racing great

Our Priorities

$2.4B turnover and $150m distribution by 18/19

Our Roles 

Our individual contribution is important and aligned to the team goals and management priorities to deliver our vision and purpose

Employee Engagement  - don’t let up

  • Live our values 
  • Grow individual capability
  • Promoting employee wellness 
  • Embrace collaboration

Efficient delivery

  • Digital transformation
  • Purposeful innovation 
  • Agile approach
  • Efficient Governance
  • New Racing Planning model

Positive reputation

  • Vision modernisation for stewards
  • Increased detection and testing
  • Penalties & legislative review
  • Holistic animal welfare strategies
  • Champion racing animals

Customer Satisfaction 

  • Racewalls & refurbishment
  • Grow the TAB brand
  • Specials and new products
  • Contemporary racing strategy
  • Investment in Race clubs
  • Support for major events

Our Values

  • Enthusiasm & Pride - "They love the sport, we love the challenge"
  • Achievement - "Service that makes a difference"
  • 'Real'ationships - "They are authentic & open"
  • Team Play - "Success is a team sport"
  • Honesty - "I own my 50%"

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