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Epona was the ancient Horse Goddess who not only protected horses, but also their owners.

Western Australian Mares Credit Scheme


Racing and Wagering WA (RWWA) is supporting race winning mares in Western Australia through a new initiative “EPONA” - a Western Australia Mares Credit Scheme..

This initiative is designed to inject new life into the Western Australian Standardbred breeding industry.

Specifically EPONA will:

  • Support WA filly and mare owners
  • Increase the number of Standardbred foals being bred.
  • Encourage more mares to race in Western Australia
  • Raise the value of locally owned and raced mares

As at the 1st March 2013 RWWA will assist owners by providing a 10% breeding bonus in addition to the winning stake money (Capped at $5000) to race winning fillies and mares towards the payment of stallion services for the 2013/14 season and beyond.

Conditions of EPONA

  • The Epona Breeding Credit is 10% of the winning stake
  • The amount is in addition to the advertised winning stake
  • The monies are a notional provision calculated by RWWA, to be utilised only once the owner claims for reimbursement against the scheme.
  • The credit will be paid upon receipt of a RWWA EPONA Claim Form and the production of supporting documentation detailing proof of payment, Stud name, Name of Mare, Name of Stallion and a 42 day positive test declaration from either a fully operational stud registered with RWWA or a veterinarian..
  • A mare cannot earn more than $5000 worth of breeding credits
  • The credits do not have to be used within a single breeding season
  • The credits are “attached: to the mare who earned them and are not transferrable
  • The credits do not expire however should the mare die or cannot reproduce any existing credits will be lost
  • The 10% Breeding Credit will be paid on all WA Races (R, C and M, Class Races)
  • The mare must be located and served / inseminated in Western Australia to be eligible to redeem the Breeding Credit
  • While mares may accrue Breeding Credits from the 1st March 2013, payment of Breeding Credits will only begin in the 2013/14 season.
  • The EPONA Scheme will be reviewed periodically. RWWA has the discretion to change, amend or cancel the scheme at its discretion.
  • The credits can be claimed if conditions of the scheme are met

EPONA Mares Breeding Credits

EPONA Mares Bonus Scheme Forms

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