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GAP NAD Series: Where are they now?


Living the good life

When Noelene Scott walked into the Greyhounds as Pet’s (GAP) Southern River facility last year, she had already decided she wasn’t leaving without Frasier.

Frasier was one of 61 greyhounds available for adoption at the inaugural GAP National Adoption Day in 2018, and when the Scott family saw Frasier advertised as one of the dogs available, they knew he was the one for them.

It was an emotional first meeting for Noelene and the family, who had just lost their previous dog a few weeks earlier. 
“I saw the event on Facebook and pre-registered with GAP as soon as I could,” said Noelene.

“Then the staff advised me which sort of dogs suited our requirements and then we picked Frasier out because he reminded us of the dog we had just lost.”

Since the adoption day, Frasier has settled right in and is loving his new home.

“He gets the run of a five hectare property, following me around the house everywhere and is allowed on the bed for the last hour of the morning before we get up,” said Noelene. 

“He has two other dogs that come over to visit and we all go out horse riding – he loves it.”

“Frasier has settled in really well, he goes to obedience training weekly which has helped him settle into pet life and we recently entered him into the Perth Royal Show Sighthound Competition where Frasier came second in condition score,” said Noelene.

For anyone looking to adopt a pet, Noelene cannot recommend greyhounds highly enough.

“I always tell people to consider adopting a greyhound because they really do make great pets,” said Noelene.

“Make sure you pre-register first and have a chat to the GAP team about which dog suits your requirements.”

The GAP National Adoption Day will once again be held at the Greyhound as Pet’s Southern River Facility on Sunday 28 April. If you are interested in adopting a greyhound at the event pre-register via the GAP website,


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