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Keralup Aboriginal Basketball Club awarded Community TAB Sports Grant


Community TAB of Racing and Wagering WA (RWWA) has awarded Keralup Aboriginal Basketball Club a $2000 sports grant.

The Basketball Club was one of four sporting clubs to receive a grant this month, selected from over 300 sporting clubs that applied from around WA.

Keralup Aboriginal Basketball Club President Helen Walley-Stack said this grant means a lot to the club and families involved.

“There is a huge relief from the financial stress of our children continuing to play basketball at the mainstream level,” Ms Walley-Stack said.

“With this grant, our club will be entering teams at mainstream Basketball Association competitions with the majority of the team Indigenous youth, wearing Indigenous pattern uniforms, which means our presence will be seen from the uniforms we purchase through the grant.” 

“This allows us to capture the attention of the wider community and get more families involved for children to be active, healthy and get back into sports.”

“To enter our teams into Association basketball will give our children the opportunity to go further with their sporting options, and this opens the door to other opportunities such as WABL and State.”

“I would like to thank Community TAB for this sporting grant as it will be a huge relief for families and for those kids who feel nervous to sign up with the big named clubs at the Associations.

“This grant will help those children because they will see our Indigenous uniforms, they will see our Indigenous volunteers, and this will be their first step to get involved into mainstream basketball.”

RWWA CEO Richard Burt said the organisation recognises the importance of grass roots sport throughout WA.

“We understand that it takes time and resources to keep a club running within the community, so we are pleased to be giving the opportunity to help relieve this burden on clubs,” Mr Burt said.

“RWWA has been supporting the WA sport and recreation industry for many years through providing millions of dollars over 10 years to the Department of Sport and Recreation and more recently through Community TAB.”

Community TAB will provide at least one grant each month to a sporting club to further their contribution to the sport and recreation industry in WA. Once a club applies for a grant, the application will stay within the pool until the grant is awarded.

Sporting clubs can apply for a grant at Terms and Conditions apply.

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