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Kate Ingham is no slouch.  Having studied Finance & Economics and graduating with a degree in 2005 she now works at the Department of Treasury & Finance.  

In between her heavy work commitments Kate finds the time to event her team of ex racehorses.  Actually, no, I think it is the other way around.  In between caring for and riding her beautiful Thoroughbreds she finds time to work.  But work is a necessity when you own horses and compete in the sport of eventing, unless you have an endless pit of money or a very generous sponsor.

Kate has a very supportive family who have backed her from her very humble beginnings and encouraged her to follow her dreams.  She has recently returned from a very long journey and successful campaign over east (in a borrowed truck), competing against some of Australia’s top riders and horses.  

Kate is an inspiration.  Her horses are always in top order and she will never quit until she has done what she came to do.  Her commitment to ex racehorses and faith in their ability is testament to the success which can be achieved by these amazing animals.

I’d like to share a thank you letter written by Kate and addressed to Racing and Wagering WA.

IN KATE’S WORDS…………………………

Dear Racing & Wagering WA,
I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge the amazing new initiative you have successfully launched for Off the Track horses that have transitioned to alternative disciplines. 
I am lucky enough to have been riding since I was a young teenager and I don’t come from a wealthy family so the financial implications of having a horse was always a struggle.   Which has meant that I have always ridden off the track horses as they were all I could afford.   In recent years I have been fortunate enough to ride a couple of Warmbloods for owners and found that I really do prefer to ride a Thoroughbred any day of the week.   Their heart, courage and ability to just keep going is amazing and I love the thrill of transitioning a horse to eventing or show jumping and being very successful on that horse. 
I used to feel like the poor cousin at some events as my little ex-racehorses just don’t look as impressive as some of the Warmblood types but now at many event this year, riding a Thoroughbred has been seen as a real advantage as we had the support of the Off the Track initiative sitting behind us, promoting these awesome horses.
I was fortunate enough to win the highest placed Thoroughbred at the Show jumping State Championships which was a lovely surprise, thank you.   My mare was placed in every class in the main arenas with some terrific results. Basically coming home with 2nd or better in all her classes. 
I have included some pictures of my current horses competing over the last month to show just how special these off the track ponies really are.
I feel truly grateful to be riding these two awesome horses at the moment and I have some pretty exciting plans to compete them against the top riders in the eastern states in 2015 at some of the large international competitions in NSW and VIC.
The bay mare is Springfield Cezarina (racing name Seattle Nymph) and the chestnut is Asti Aspiration (racing name Tullius).

Once again, thankyou.

Community TAB Partners

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