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Q&A with Owners Only New Ambassador Brittany Taylor


Find out more about Owners Only's newest ambassador, Brittany Taylor...

1. You’re from a family that has been part of the fabric of WA Racing for many years, what was it like growing up with a family so involved in the industry?  
I guess I never knew any different - watching Dad and Grandpop breaking in ‘crazy’ horses and running on the grass alongside the track at Ascot to race the horses was just normal to me. Now that I’m older, I realise how lucky I was to have such a different upbringing. I was riding horses as young as I can remember and playing at the farm meant riding the quad bike or climbing up hay bales. I started working for Dad in the school holiday’s and on weekends when I was 12. 11 years later and I’m still out there every morning riding. 

One thing about racing is that it’s an industry that never stops. It’s 365 days a year. Rain, hail or shine. Every Christmas we’re all out there as a family picking up yards. That’s probably the biggest thing you learn to understand growing up with a family so involved in racing – there’s no such thing as a day off!

2. What do you love most about the races?   
I love watching the joy people get out of winning – be it an owner, trainer, jockey or even the team working with the horse at home. Behind every horse is a story and I feel so genuinely happy to watch what a win means to the connections. You often hear the expression “that’s what racing is all about” – that is what I love the most, those moments. 

3. You’ve been involved in many elements of racing, from riding trackwork, through to being in front of the camera for Sky Thoroughbred Central and TABtouch LIVE; what do you enjoy most? 
I love every aspect for different reasons but nothing beats being with the horses themselves. They are the most beautiful animals and it is so rewarding to be apart of their journey from when they first arrive at the stable as yearlings to getting them to the track and then into the winner’s circle! 

4. You have owned a few horses, and a greyhound no less! Can you tell us how you got involved in these?   
The first racehorse I part owned was a gift for my 18th birthday which really gave me the best introduction to ownership I could have possibly asked for. Thateldo won 6 of his first 13 starts and placed at the other 7. Since then I’ve been hooked and I try to buy a few each year at the sales. 

My brother turned 18 this year and received the customary share in a horse - a filly purchased at the 2017 Perth Magic Millions sale that I too bought a share of, so fingers crossed she can win as many as my first one did!
As for my greyhound, I had always wanted a stake in each code – gallops, trots and dogs. Greyhounds are fantastic because they’re not expensive and they race almost every week – great excuse to get together with the other owners regularly. I just need to get myself a standardbred now!

5. What advice would you give to those looking to get into horse ownership? 
Just do it! It doesn’t matter if its 1% or 100%, you get the same thrill out of going to the track and watching your horse. I would recommend buying smaller shares in multiple horses so you have more chance of finding yourself a champion! Also, get some friends together to join you! The comradery you get between mates going to the track to watch their horse race is a win in itself. 
6. What are you looking forward to most about being an ambassador for Owners Only? 
I’m really looking forward to our Win A Share In A Racehorse competition. One lucky team will win a 20% share in a horse purchased at the 2018 Perth Magic Millions sale. To gain entries into the draw, team members must attend a variety of events from bus tours visiting stables to a masterclass on what to look for at the sales in terms of breeding and composition. I think people will come through the events well educated and informed to make decisions come sale time. 
7. What do you hope to achieve through your role as an Owners Only ambassador?
Primarily the main goal is to get new owners into this great game. I hope that I can be an approachable source that potential owners feel comfortable asking questions no matter how silly they may seem. I think a lot of people would love to be involved but don’t know where to start. I want to be the person that can introduce them to their trainer of choice or find out information on training fees or availability of shares and get people on the way in their ownership journey. 

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