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RWWA appointed Barbara Scott as the Chief Steward Harness Racing in February 2017, after an extensive recruitment process that attracted a pool of strong candidates.

Before her appointment, Ms Scott had been Chair of Stewards with Harness Racing South Australia since 2014 and a senior steward with Harness Racing New South Wales. She has had a long involvement with the racing industry in Australia.

Ms Scott has provided exemplary performance in her role since her appointment, significantly contributing to the maintenance of the integrity of harness racing in Western Australia.

RWWA is delighted with Ms Scott’s performance, dedication and contribution and she enjoys RWWA’s full support and confidence. RWWA looks forward to a long working relationship with Ms Scott for the betterment of harness racing in Western Australia.

Ms Scott is not leaving her position as Chief Steward of Harness Racing.

Despite some recent inaccurate commentary on social media, RWWA has not received any official complaint at all concerning Ms Scott’s conduct or performance in her role since her appointment, and she is not the subject to any investigation or inquiry.

RWWA is committed to ensuring that licensed persons maintain high standards of conduct to maintain the integrity of racing, and will take action where the conduct of licensed persons detrimentally affects the welfare and integrity of racing.

Any person with a legitimate grievance on racing matters should contact RWWA so it can utilise the powers it has as the regulator of racing in Western Australia to properly investigate the matter.

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