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Following on from a request from WAGBOTA through the consultative process, the RWWA Animal Welfare Committee has approved the trial of an on track injury surgery rebate scheme similar to that which has been developed in South Australia.

The trial will run for the remainder of the 2017/18 racing season starting on 1 December and will be funded by unused greyhound distribution. 

In the event of a greyhound becoming eligible for the scheme, the on track vet will guide connections through the process and provide a form that will need to be completed throughout the surgery and rehabilitation period before returning to RWWA to claim a rebate. 

Full details of the policy are as follows:

Policy Background

Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA) is committed to ensuring that euthanasia of greyhounds, where not indicated for medical or behavioural reasons, is prevented. As such, a framework to enable financial contribution to the repair and rehabilitation of serious injuries that may occur at a race meeting has been established, the particulars of which are outlined in the following policy.

The Policy

RWWA will commit a financial contribution to participants for the cost of surgery for injuries that:

  1. Occur in the course of a normal race meeting
  2. Are defined under the attached schedule of eligible injuries, or
  3. Are considered by the oncourse veterinarian severe enough to warrant surgery and subsequent financial assistance from RWWA

Following surgery and an appropriate rehabilitation period, if the owner of the greyhound does not wish to continue racing or keep that greyhound as a pet, it will be granted priority entry into Greyhound As Pets (GAP). Entry to GAP will be conditional upon a sound health check from a veterinarian.

If the owner of the greyhound decides that the greyhound will return to racing, any financial rebate received through this policy, must be repaid in full and a Veterinary Certificate of soundness must be provided before nominating the greyhound.

Application of the Policy

Incident Assessment 

Following a significant racing injury to a greyhound, the on-track veterinarian, in the presence of a Steward where practicable will provide advice to the representative of the greyhound (owner/trainer) as to the nature of the suspected injury within the limitations of the examination that can be performed at the time and likely outcomes as a result of veterinary intervention and the prospects for a sound recovery. 

Any advice as to the eligibility for a rebate shall be preliminary only subject to further confirmation of the injury.

Any decision as to the treatment or otherwise of the greyhound remains at all times the responsibility of the representative of the greyhound. 

Post Assessment 

Where the greyhounds representative confirms for the greyhound to receive treatment with a view to further examination or surgery, the on-track veterinarian will provide the appropriate veterinary care to ensure the wellbeing of the greyhound prior to the scheduling of surgery, which could require stabilisation of the injury overnight. Direction will be provided by the on-track veterinarian as to the most suitable care required for the greyhound prior to surgery. 

Post Surgery 

Following surgery, the owner will be responsible for a minimum period of care for the recovering greyhound prior to it being afforded priority entry into GAP – subject to a passed pre-assessment. It is expected that this period would be a minimum of four (4) weeks, subject to the nature of the injury, or any other such rehabilitation period as directed by the veterinarian performing the surgery. 

Financial Contribution 

RWWA will refund 80% of surgery costs and reasonable associated costs (e.g. bandaging, prescribed medication), up to $1,200 plus GST per incident. Following completion of the surgery and subject to evidence of payment, participants can apply for reimbursement of costs using the official RWWA form within the set timeframes.

Applications Deemed not to be covered under This Policy

If an injury to a greyhound is deemed not to be covered under this policy, participants have the right to dispute that decision. Any dispute of that decision must be made in writing setting out the basis by which the greyhound is eligible for consideration by the Stewards in consultation with the RWWA Racing Industry Veterinarian. 

Any decisions in this regard will be final.

Injuries Covered by Rebate Injuries NOT Covered by Rebate
5 – Humerus 1- Cranium 13 – Lumbar Vertebrae
6 – Radius 2- Vertebrae (Cervical) 14 – Pelvis
7 – Ulna 3 – Scapula 17 – Patella (Knee Cap)
9 – Metacarpus/Metatarsus (Multiple) 4 – Sternum (Breast Bone) 21 – Fibula
16 – Femur (Thigh Bone) 8 – Carpus Tendon Injuries
18/19 – Hocks 9 – Metacarpus/Metatarsus (Single) Ligament Injuries
20 - Tibia 10 – Phalanges (Toes) Muscle Injuries
  11 – Thorax (Ribcage) Lacerations
  12 – Thoracic Vertebrae


A new version of the WA Racebook is close to completion and will have a number of changes that the industry will recognize from years gone by. 

Individual Race Records, Change of Trainer & Blinker data will now be populated. 

The resource heavy long form comment will be replaced by a short form comment similar to what appears in TABform and the West Liftout now. 

The current last 6 starts form detail will remain, however a string of a greyhounds last 10 starts will also be available. 

As part of the last 6 starts form detail, individual run home times will also be published.


With only 5 nominations received for the Stayers Series heats on Saturday night, the series was cancelled and a one off final is being run in its place.

The schedule for Saturday 9 December has been altered with a Provincial FFA 380m added and the Grade 5 715m race updated to a Mixed 4/5 715m. 

There are plenty of big races coming up for 715m chasers with the $19,950 to the winner one off  Christmas Gift final scheduled on 23 December and the Group 3 $25,000 to the winner MIATA heats and final scheduled on 6 January and 13 January respectively. 

Both a Grade 5 715m and a FFA 715m race has been scheduled on the 16 December and 30 December meetings to help our stayers with their preparations during this busy period. 



  • We are currently asking all trainers/owners who expect to have their greyhound accepted into the GAP program to make sure their greyhound is up-to-date with vaccinations. During this time the $55 entry fee into GAP will be waved to help cover the cost of the C5 vaccination. Please ensure your greyhound is vaccinated 7 days prior to entering the program (this does not include pre-assessments). The increased quarantine measures are in place to protect a litter of puppies at GAP.

Want to skip the waitlist? Ask us about our Trainer/Owner Assisted Adoption Program:

Essentially this program provides all the benefits of rehoming a greyhound through GAP without the wait. After a passed pre-assessment, if you have found someone interested in adopting your greyhound you will skip the waitlist. You get the benefit of freeing your kennel up quicker and the new owner gets access to all the resources a GAP dog is entitled to including; sterilization, a Green Collar assessment, food, bed, muzzle, lead and support from our Animal Behaviourist. Get in contact with GAP to see how the Trainer/Owner Assisted Adoption Program can work for you – 9445 5399.

Looking to retire your greyhound? Check out the chart below and start planning the transition.

Next available pre-assessment: December 8, 2017

Wait time from passed pre-assessment to entry into GAP: Approximately ten weeks

Please note: All greyhounds must be pre-assessed before entering GAP. A greyhound must not have raced 14 days prior to the date it is booked for pre-assessment.

Staff changes at GAP and in the RWWA animal welfare space:

  • Lauren Jones (formerly Savage) reporting to the Manager Corporate Communications in a more senior role of Manager Animal Welfare with a primary focus on effective delivery of GAP and Off the Track’s strategic, marketing and communication objectives.
  • Dana Shaw will step into the GAP Team Leader position, reporting to Manager Animal Welfare and she will be responsible for the day-to-day supervision of the GAP team

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