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RWWA is pleased to have appointed well-respected Western Australian Sportsman Dean Cox, racing and fashion icon Brittany Taylor and Western Australian Businessman Rick Hart, as it’s ambassadors for Owners Only.

Rick, Dean and Brittany both share a genuine passion for the racing industry and have found excitement in racehorse ownership.

As ambassadors, Rick, Dean and Brittany promote the Owners Only program and its associated benefits, as well as attending a variety of Owners Only events.

As current owners of racing animals their experience in undertaking the ownership journey is a valuable one to share..

Dean Cox

In February 2015, RWWA appointed former West Coast star Dean Cox as its ambassador for the Owners Only initiative.

Dean’s interest in racehorse ownership was sparked by his uncle’s involvement in the industry, but it wasn’t until he joined the West Coast Eagles that he became an owner in his own right. He entered into his first syndication with a few of his fellow team mates, including Michael Gardner, Drew Banfield, Ben Cousins, Chad Morrison and Daniel Kerr.

Dean, a 2006 premiership ruckman, has often said that the feeling he gets watching his horse step out onto the track is more nerve-racking then he’s every felt in his 290-game career.

Brittany Taylor

Brittany Taylor is RWWA’s newest Owners Only ambassador, joining the team in November 2017.

Brittany comes from a background entrenched in racing being the daughter of one of Perth’s leading trainers, Jim Taylor, as well as being a presenter for Sky Racing and regular contributor on TABradio’s The Sports Daily. In addition, Brittany has ownership in four thoroughbred horses as well as a greyhound. 

Brittany will be working hands on with the racing industry to look at new ways of bringing new owners into racing. Furthermore, she will act as a conduit between industry and potential owners on how to get involved in the sport.

Rick Hart

Rick Hart joined RWWA's Owners Only team in mid-January 2016.

Rick is a well-known Western Australian businessman, whose affiliation with the industry dates back before the early 90s when he raced Group 1 champion Jack or Better.

From a young age Rick always wanted to be involved in the racing industry in some way. In 1974, Rick was an Assistant Steward for Cannington Greyhounds first meeting. He was also one of Western Australia’s highest-profile bookmakers for over a decade as well as being the former president of the WA Bookmakers’ Association. 

Rick has been involved in owning racehorses for many years and still to this day finds enjoyment out of racehorse ownership.

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