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Greyhound Adoption

Dogs available

In addition to the dogs listed below there are many other Greyhounds waiting to enter the program. 

As a general rule people seem to prefer adopting female greyhounds. Why? We have no idea! Please consider the gorgeous boys on the list as they're just as affectionate, cuddly and lovable and also make wonderful pets. 

Are you sure you're ready to adopt? Read our adoption information pack first to answer all of your questions.

As soon as the Greyhounds as Pets team receives your application we will start looking for the right match for you. Depending on your requirements we might have a match ready straight away for you – or we might take a few weeks to find the perfect Greyhound for your individual circumstances. We will stay in touch during this time though to keep you updated on the progress of your application. 

If you are going away, or need to fix your fencing before adopting your dog or have some other factor inhibiting your ability to collect your new dog straight away, please tell us in your application when you are actually ready to collect your dog, as sometimes, you might get a call much sooner than you expect! That way, we can plan your adoption for when you are ready to collect your new family member.

Application to adopt

If you are interested in adopting a greyhound please fill in and submit an Application to Adopt form  (Click on this link to facilitate the on-line application).

When completing this form please include as much information as possible about the type of dog you want as a pet, your family situation, your lifestyle and anything else you can think of that will make it easier for us to ensure that we find the right greyhound to fit in with your family. 

After adopting and taking your new Greyhound home you will be allowed a 28 day "road test” period during which you can assess his/her suitability to become part of your family. 

Should adopters encounter any problems at any point during this time, please call the GAP staff as they are willing to give advice and help in any way, or even collect the greyhound if things really aren't working out. Greyhounds as Pets will happily take the dog back within this 28 days and can discuss providing a different greyhound until the right match is achieved if you would like to continue as an adoptee.

After the 28 day “road test” period has expired the Adoption Agreement comes into to effect and the ownership of your greyhound is then officially transferred to you as the Greyhounds new "forever family". 

This contract lists the conditions of purchase stating that adopters will offer a responsible home and undertake to provide necessary suitable food, water, shelter and health care for the life of the Greyhound. 

Please note: We occasionally experience some problems with our online application form. You will generally receive an email from GAP within one week of submitting your application. If you haven't received an email within one week, please send us an email or phone the office on 9445 5399.

Foster to adopt

Not quite sure a Greyhound is the dog for you? GAP also offer “foster to adopt” for people who feel they would like more time to make sure a Greyhound is the right dog for your family. You can sign up as a foster carer and take a Greyhound home with you to “try before you buy” – see our Foster Carer Information Pack for more details - you then get a few months to see if your foster dog will suit you and your family and then have the option to adopt him/her at the end of their fostering period. If the foster dog does not suit you can exchange for another one with no cost to you. There is no obligation to adopt at the end of the foster period.

Email us or call the office on 9445 5399.


Foster carers are the backbone of the Greyhounds as Pets program. Foster families open their hearts and homes to Greyhounds by being the first home environment that the Greyhounds are introduced to before a permanent loving responsible home is found for these dogs. 

The Greyhounds as Pets program always require new foster carers. No special qualifications are needed. Just a little love, a lot of patience and a fenced yard. Fostering means taking a greyhound for a period of 4-6 weeks. If you would like more information about fostering, please read our Foster Carer Information Pack.

During this time GAP will provide food, a bed, coat, collar, leash and muzzle for the greyhound. 

Foster carers help the greyhound adjust to life as a pet - they teach them basic house manners. Assessment of the greyhound is an important part of helping GAP make sure that the right dog goes to the right home. Foster carers introduce their Foster greyhound to things like vacuum cleaners, glass doors and stairs. Remember that life in a kennel can be a pretty sheltered existence and your home will offer many new experiences for most greyhounds. 

Most greyhounds have never really learned to play in the same way other dogs do as their lives have been all business. Giving them time to learn how to play with suitable toys is a vital part of adapting the greyhound to life as a pet. If you think you would be able to help a Greyhound become a loving family pet we’d love to hear from you.

Email us or call the office on 9445 5399.

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