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Horse Pool HWOE

The purpose of this page is to allow you to find the HWOE (Handicapped Win Only Earnings) of a horse.

At the top of the page are a group of FILTERS. Use these to display the horse/s or Groups of horses that you would like to compare..

To find a horse

  • Click on the “Drop Down Arrow” on the NAME Filter and UNTICK the “ALL” selection.
  • Then type in the name of a horse in the field where it says “Enter Search Text” or scroll using the right hand scroll bar to find the name of your horse.
  • You can tick more than one horse name if you want.
  • To clear your selection just click the “All” tick box to display all horses and then Untick it to clear them all out.

The other “Filter” boxes work the same way. If you wish to see all the M2 Horses then make sure the “Name” Filter has the “All” tickbox ticked and then chose “2” from the “Penalty M” Filter.


Once you have found your horses' HWOE, you can view an example Race Program here

The Columns (definitions):

  • HWOE Groups – The new system programmes races within specified HWOE Groups. This column will show which group the horse is currently placed: 
    • (1) OPEN = FFA/Open Class to;
    • (25) MAIDEN = Genuine NON Winner of a race (Maiden).
  • Name – Horse Name.
  • Description – A condensed display of the current classification of the horse M Class, C Class, R Class + various other attributes such as Age, Sex, Gait and if they are WestBred or WestSired.
  • HWOE – This is the new Handicapping Classification of the horse. HWOE = Handicapped Win Only Earnings. The calculation method is explained on this page. The HWOE will determine which races you are eligible for.
  • L5$ - This is the total earnings (NOT including Bonuses like WestBred) of the horse in the past 5 starts. Some races will use this to determine eligibility or ineligibility in the new race programmes.
  • No. of Horses – This is purely a running count of the number of horses in the group selected.
  • WOE – This is the Win Only Earnings of the horse (Excluding Bonuses like WestBred). This is displayed purely for comparison purposes.
  • Career – This is the Total Career Earnings of the horse (Excluding Bonuses like WestBred). This is displayed purely for comparison purposes.

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