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Stable Returns

The RWWA Rules of Thoroughbred Racing (AR54 and Local Rule 56) and the RWWA Rules of Harness Racing (Rule 26) require that a Stable Return be lodged with RWWA by prescribed times for any horse that enters a trainer's stable. Nominations from horses will not be accepted unless the stable return has been lodged.

Stable returns must be lodged directly with the Racing Australia Service Centre, either by telephone or through Stable Assist.

Throughbred Stable Return Rules

Local Rule 56 States:
L.R. 56.

  1. A stable return for a horse must be lodged with the Principal Racing Authority within 24 hours of such horse entering or leaving a trainer’s care or stable.
  2. Any change of ownership, lease, cancellation of lease, change of colours, gelding, change of gear or any other particular already submitted must be advised by way of a stable return submitted within 24 hours of such change.
  3. A duly lodged stable return shall be deemed to be part of an entry for a race or organised trial in Western Australia.
  4. No horse trained in Western Australia may be nominated for a race or trial until a stable return has been lodged.
  5. The Stewards may punish any person who fails to lodge such stable return and/or amendments thereto including gear changes, movement of horses and any other information as required.
  6. All stable returns so lodged are subject to the approval of the Stewards who may at any time require the trainer to satisfy them that all of the information so contained is true and correct.

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