This policy is a guide and sets out the principles that RWWA and Racing Integrity staff have adopted for the management of information, feedback, compliments, suggestions or complaints received in relation to any service, issue or action concerning racing integrity.

RWWA recognises that we are accountable for our actions and decisions and are committed to effective and efficient complaint handling whilst recognising the need to be fair and open when dealing with complaints.

RWWA acknowledges that all community members and stakeholders have a right to complain about us and seek remedy where they are dissatisfied or concerned about a particular issue or feel that their expectations of RWWA are not being met.

Reporting Information and Complaints

Should you wish to provide information or make a complaint regarding an integrity related issue you may contact the office as listed below.  You may request that your identity remain anonymous and not be shared outside of the Racing Investigations Unit.

Should you wish to remain anonymous, you may report an integrity related issue directly to the Racing Integrity Hotline. The Racing Integrity Hotline is attended to by members of the Integrity Investigation Unit to receive information provided by members of the public and the racing industry in the strictest of confidence.

How to Lodge a Complaint

Information and complaints from any person that impacts upon the integrity of thoroughbred, harness or greyhound racing in WA will be accepted in whatever form available including, in person to RWWA Stewards and Investigators, in writing, by telephone to the integrity message service or by email to the racing integrity unit.

 Matters to which this policy applies include, but is not limited to, horse welfare issues, dog welfare issues, positive prohibited/banned substance results, serious/sexual assaults on racing participants, contravention of race day rules, non-urgent animal welfare complaints, sexual/verbal harassment, race day medication issues, misconduct, financial or property dispute, or intelligence.

Contact Details:

Racing Integrity


Report Misconduct or Corruption

14 Hasler Road, Osborne Park 6017

Email: racingintegrity@rwwa.com.au

Racing Integrity Hotline (recorded message service) – (08) 9445 5565

Initial Assessment and Investigation

When a complaint is received by any member of the Racing Integrity Division it will be referred to the Investigation Unit for initial assessment and, as appropriate, delegation for investigation and response.

 External Review

If you are not satisfied with a decision or action you may seek recourse through external agencies such as the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) or the Public Sector Commission (PSC).