Greyhounds Have Outstanding Versatility In Terms Of Their Incredible Athletic Ability, But At The Same Time Possess A Calm, Laidback And Loving Nature, Which Makes Them Both The Ideal Racing Animal But Also The Ideal Pet.

RWWA is committed to ensuring that the best levels of care are given to greyhounds throughout all stages of their lives, through a program of investment, education, monitoring and regulation. When a greyhound retires from the racing industry, at any age, RWWA will aim to achieve every healthy and behaviourally sound Greyhound being rehomed.

The Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) program prepares racing dogs for adoption into the community once their racing career is over. During their racing life Greyhounds are exposed to many different and unfamiliar people and plenty of other dogs. They adapt very quickly to different situations, making their transition from racing greyhound to pet an ideal progression for their retirement.


The early stages of a greyhound’s life is extremely important for their development. Puppies can learn more during the first year of their life than they can learn in a life time.


WA greyhound racing is an exciting industry to be a part of. Racing epitomises the unbreakable bond and peak working relationship that exists between man and animal.

Greyhound Welfare

Find out more about the Western Australian greyhound racing industry’s welfare standards.