From Kununurra to Albany – and all points in between – racing has a presence in all regions of Western Australia. The sport is firmly entrenched in our state’s history and cultural fabric, often serving as a highlight in the regional social calendars.

The vast and diverse communities connected to racing guides our giving, with the Racing WA Community Fund established to serve as a driving force for positive change in areas linked to racing, where our presence is deeply felt.

Through the fund, we will nurture and develop the connections between racing and the wider community by supporting programs and initiatives that align with our three pillars of connection, wellbeing and sustainability.


Programs and initiatives that enhance community wellbeing and quality of life in areas closely linked to racing.


Programs and initiatives that enhance the wellbeing for people and/or animals.


Projects that promote sustainability and minimise environmental impacts


Our grants program is designed to provide vital financial support to organisations and projects that actively contribute to the development and promotion of communities closely linked to racing. These grants specifically cater to animal or community-related programs and activities, and projects that promote sustainable racing, with funding of up to $5,000 provided to each grant recipient.


To be considered for a grant from our community fund, your organisation or project must meet the following criteria:

  • Location: Your organisation or project must be based within a town connected to a thoroughbred, harness or greyhound race club.
  • Impact: It should be intended to have a positive and tangible effect on local communities in rural and regional areas.
  • Community: There should be a clear, direct connection between your project and community development, sustainability or animal
  • Alignment with pillars: Your project must align with at least one of Racing WA’s Community Fund Pillars (as outlined above).



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